Now that 2022 is in the books, here are the final stats on what your fellow readers found most interesting.

Here are the Top 10 most-viewed blog posts throughout the year:

  1. Alternatives to Dungeon World
  2. Table Comparing Dungeon World to 5 Hacks
  3. 1973 Implementation of Wordle was Published by DEC
  4. Links for Designing PbtA TTRPGs
  5. FAQ: The Right Fantasy PbtA for You
  6. Probabilities of 2d6 Compared to d6 Dice Pools
  7. List of Resources for Dungeon World One Shots
  8. Use Text Mapper to Create Random Maps and Hex Describe to Create Random Campaigns
  9. The Dialects of Tiny BASIC
  10. Questions to Ask During Session Zero
  11. One-Page–Dungeon Generator

Here are the Top 10 games by views:

  1. Uncommon World: Open-Source Fantasy PbtA
  2. Fantastic Worlds: An Anthology of Resources for Fantasy PbtA Games
  3. Rules for “Diamonds” Trick-Taking Card Game
  4. Spin Rummy
  5. Play BASIC Computer Games Online
  6. Hard-Knock World
  7. Suddenly an Ogre: A DW Gamebook
  8. Melee, Missiles & Magic: An Homage to Tunnels & Trolls 1E
  9. Hero’s Arc Gamebook RPG
  10. BLUELITE: A Holmes Basic Hack

And here are the Top 10 most-viewed blog posts written this year, based on page views just in the month of December (so that blog posts that were published earlier don’t automatically do better):

  1. FAQ: The Right Fantasy PbtA for You
  2. PbtA Science Fiction Recommendations
  3. Using Stonetop’s Introductions Procedure in Session Zero
  4. Tactical Moves in PbtA Games
  5. Monster of the Week’s Mystery Countdowns
  6. Jump-In Uno: Perfect for Large Gatherings
  7. Using Microscope for World Building for a Campaign
  8. Threat Maps as Campaign Prep
  9. The Dungeon World Syllabus in Book Form
  10. Suddenly an Ogre: A DW Gamebook