Five years ago, Yochai Gal compiled the first version of the Dungeon World Syllabus as a tool for new DW GMs. Alex Leone has since taken over as editor, keeping nearly 180 links current. While I had read many of these articles over the years, I decided to systematically read every single link, to improve my own GMing. I then began to compile those that were licensed under the Creative Commons into a single, easy-to-read volume, as a supplement for others to use.

While most PbtA games have small fan bases and are primarily the work of a single author or a small team, an extensive community has sprung up around Dungeon World over the years, developing thousands of free resources for customization. This volume tries to capture in one convenient place some of that community’s wisdom.

You can check it out here­­­—Fantastic Worlds: An Anthology of Resources for Fantasy PbtA Games.

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash.