I find it so weird when I start getting “year in review” summaries from my apps (Spotify, Duolingo, etc.) in the first week of December. While I wouldn’t mind working an 11-month year, the year goes 12 months. (Though I do appreciate that my bingeing of Abba and their new album won’t affect any of my annual stats.) So, being a purist, I postponed this analysis until 2021 was actually complete.

Here are the Top 10 most-viewed blog posts for 2021:

  1. Alternatives to Dungeon World
  2. Questions to Ask During Session Zero
  3. List of Resources for Dungeon World One Shots
  4. Prep Technique: Brainstorming Moves in Advance
  5. The Dialects of Tiny BASIC
  6. The Tiny BASIC Interpretive Language IL—and Onions
  7. Links for Designing PbtA TTRPGs
  8. Palo Alto Tiny BASIC in Your Browser
  9. Prepping with the End of Session in Mind
  10. One-Page Dungeon Generator

Here are the Top 10 games by views:

  1. Uncommon World: Open-Source Fantasy PbtA
  2. Uncommon World Configuration Tool
  3. Play BASIC Computer Games Online
  4. Tunnels & Traps: A Tiny BASIC Game
  5. Hard-Knock World
  6. Spin Rummy
  7. Melee, Missiles & Magic
  8. Colossal Cave Adventure: The Card Game
  9. “Diamonds” Trick-Taking Card Game
  10. Castle Conquests

And here’s my personal Top 10 of game and blog posts that I thought deserved to get more attention than they did, starting with the games.

  1. Civscape – The Take-That Civilization Card Game
  2. Hero’s Arc – A Fantasy Gamebook with Story Arcs
  3. Hopping Halflings – 18-Card Raid of the Sleeping Dragon’s Hoard
  4. Melee in the Mines – Monsters vs. Adventurers Combat Card Game
  5. Double Draw – Rules for a 5-Card Draw-Poker Variant
  6. Agile Development for Card Games
  7. Drawing the Line: Shared Narration in TTRPGs
  8. Monty Hall Prep
  9. The Phonotactics of 5E Character Names
  10. Signaling Gender in 5e Fantasy Names