“I played it two times, once I died and once I ended the game in Blackhill, living happily ever after. I had great fun both times. I really liked the adventures you told.” – Aleksandar Saranac

A modern alternative to the great gamebooks of the 1980s, Hero’s Arc: Under the Blood-Red Mountain is a 99-section, 14,000-word gamebook. You pick the path, and your decisions shape the story. Winner of Best Dungeon Crawl in the 2018 Solitaire Print-and-Play Contest.

Unlike the classic gamebooks, Hero’s Arc has story arcs, so losing a battle won’t always result in death, but may result in a setback of a different kind.

Choose your key stats for your character (strength, dexterity, wisdom, and hit points) and track your inventory, recording the FVTALK runes on items.

You can download the PDF for free.