Langmaker: Celebrating Conlangs book coverLangmaker was a key resource for conlangers in the early 2000s. “The best thing about Langmaker was its universality. Every conlanger from every conlang community—or from no conlang community—was welcome there, and every conlanger found value in it. It was the Rick’s of conlanging.” —from the preface by David J. Peterson, creator of Dothraki and author of The Art of Language Invention
Hero’s Arc: Under the Blood-Red MountainA modern take on the great gamebooks of the 1980s. Unlike those books, Hero’s Arc has story arcs, so losing a battle won’t always result in death, but may result in a setback of a different kind. You’ll need pen and paper and three six-sided dice, each a different color or different size. One will be your strength die, one your dexterity die, and one your wisdom die. For trait checks, you’ll need to roll your trait or lower. Then you’ll use a designated die result for damage.
How to Design Card GamesThis e-book outlines an agile development approach to creating card games, with examples and design challenges. If you’re interested in designing board games, designing card games is an excellent place to start or to practice your craft.
Muna Lingi A Polynesian Artlang book coverThis e-book documents the grammar of the Muna Lingi constructed language [PDF] in detail and also features a two-way dictionary.
fantastic worlds coverCollects into one volume many of the most valuable Creative Commons articles from the Dungeon World Syllabus.


The Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest: SaltmarshA Saltmarsh merchant says his woodcutter partner, Concisor Maplesky, hasn’t been heard from in a month. The merchant needs the party to find out what happened to the woodcutter and to ship two masts down Kingfisher River. He’ll pay 100 gp per player. He provides a boat to go upstream and a map showing which tributaries to traverse to reach the logging camp at Flicker Creek.
One Page Dungeon Compendium 2019 EditionA PC’s sister, Thara, died in childbirth then appeared at her newborn’s naming rite as a zombie. She fled into the graveyard with her child. Follow a ramp down into the catacombs or find the grate at the church and descend into the “Catacombs of the Lich Queen.” My adventure is one of the 119 collected here. Entries range from classic fantasy locales, a Martian Colony, a fascist’s secret lair, the bowels of a deathless cyst, a wizard’s plumbing, and everything in-between!
Segments, issue 4This issue of Segments, the publication of r/conlangs, includes my article, “Leveraging Body-Part Terms for Lexical Expansion: Word Formation in the Muna Lingi Polynesian Conlang.” Check it out if you’re into conlangs!