When my youngest was 8, I created a simple microgame for us to play instead of the classic card game of War: Melee in the Mines. We played it about 50 times, so I created a free PDF version to share with other people. (It’s light but with some decisions: it has an average rating of 5 out of 10, compared to 2 out of 10 for War.)

It’s been downloaded less than 100 times, so imagine my surprise when I came across merchandise for it:

Basically, TwiceTheTees.com has created a number of templates for T-shirts for board games, video games, and RPGs, and then hit the BoardGameGeek database to come up with a list of game titles. This screenshot gives a flavor:

I’m certain the products are made to order rather than kept in stock.  We’ve reached the point where it is economical to algorithmically generate on-demand products for markets of virtually no one.