A New Life in Auspele is a Twine choose-your-way game that you can play in your web browser:

A humble goatherder, you are leaving home for the town of Auspele to make a new life for yourself. But Auspele is in turmoil—a young queen has just ascended to the throne, and strange forces are at work. And you’re not quite what you seem either, if you can find the right allies to help you realize your talent.

This is a 43,000-word interactive book, where your choices will guide you through a selection of its 180 passages to one of 18 endings.

I created it as an homage to the Choose Your Own Adventure books that I loved as a kid. But, looking at them with adult eyes, I decided to do without the sudden endings or the random surreality. You’ll explore a plausible medieval town, and your actions will ripple out (or not) in likely ways, based on your decisions.

You can play it right in your browser!

Photo by Seval Torun on Unsplash.