Tl;dr: Seven-card stud, low card in the hole is wild, follow-the-queen is wild, suicide king has to fold, face-up joker means you have to shift your hole cards to the right.

Whenever we get together with my brother-in-law and his family, we inevitably play poker. This time, we started with 7-card stud, then played follow-the-queen, then low-card-in-the-hole. At that point, I was ready to fully embrace chaos, and I combined them!

I added that if you were dealt the suicide king face up or in the hole, you had to fold at the first available chance (a favorite add-on rule of two other nephews).

Then, stealing an idea from Fluxx, I decided to add in the jokers as the “Rotate Hands” card.

My brother-in-law had never played a poker game with jokers before, so he was suitably horrified.

Mission accomplished.

Note that you’re probably not going to win with anything less than 4 or 5 of a kind, but given the sheer randomness of the game, you might not want to fold too soon.

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Illustration credits: Public domain comparison of the King of Hearts of the Ruen pattern.