Obsidian Portal, an online campaign management tool for RPGs, shares stats on the number of campaigns run in its system. I’ve created a Google Sheet with this data.

This represents the 129,098 campaigns created over the lifetime of the software (12 years, as it was created in 2007). As a result, you’ll see Pathfinder in second place at 18% of campaigns, due to its historic strength: it is doubtful that 18% of campaigns played today are in Pathfinder, given the loss of players to D&D 5e and the release of Pathfinder Second Edition.

D&D, across its editions, represents 47% of these Obsidian campaigns.

The Top 10 systems that aren’t D&D are:

  1. Pathfinder RPG (17.66%)
  2. Savage Worlds (2.40%)
  3. Shadowrun (1.94%)
  4. Fate RPG (1.88%)
  5. World of Darkness (1.83%)
  6. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (1.80%)
  7. Call of Cthulhu (0.98%)
  8. Vampire: The Masquerade (0.85%)
  9. Mutants and Masterminds (0.72%)
  10. GURPS 4th Edition (0.70%) (1.25% if you add in earlier GURPS editions)

The full Google Sheet is here.

Update: Revisiting RPG Campaigns by System