You’re one of a host of halflings, hired by a band of adventurers to rob a drowsy dragon. Can you carry out the most treasure? Be very, very quiet, or you’ll wake the dread dragon named Arghhh.

2 or more
5 minutes per player
age 7 and up

18 cards
a way to track gold for each player

Print out and cut the 18 cards.


Each round of play consists of grabbing treasure from the dragon’s hoard and deciding whether to try for more or to escape with what you have.

But make a noise and the dragon will breathe flames at you, and you’ll drop all your treasure and run out, with the hair on your toes on fire!

Flip your first card.

If you draw the dragon, your turn ends. If you make a noise – meaning the card you drew has a sound on it (like Clunk!) and is the second of something you’ll already drawn – the dragon wakes! You score 0 gold this round.

Otherwise you can elect to keep the cards you’ve found and leave, or you can look around the dragon’s hoard further. (See the next page for explanations of the more complicated cards.)

If you leave before making a noise, tally the gold on your cards and add to your score. A locked chest is worth 0 unless you have a key, in which case it is worth 3 gold.

Once your turn has finished, shuffle the cards and pass them to the next player.

Once a player has recovered treasure worth at least 12 gold, everyone else gets one last turn.

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