DM: You can’t see any towers. The redwoods here are hundreds of feet tall.
Cleric: As we fly above the trees, I use Locate Object to try to find the same type of stone used in the other towers.
DM: The cleric follows his senses till it brings you to a pond among the redwoods. The pond is about six hundred feet in diameter. The wind whispers softly through the trees.
Artificer: Let’s land about 120 feet away from the pond, just in case.
Artificer: Can someone give me Water Walk?
Wizard: I will.
Artificer: You should give us Water Breathing too.
Wizard: Okay, I cast that over all of us.
Artificer: Wait, what if it’s not water?!
Warforged: I’ll cautiously go forward and test it.
DM: It’s water.
Artificer: I carefully walk on the water and look down. How deep is it?
DM: It’s 10 feet deep.
Artificer: What do I see underwater?
DM: Turtles, fish, a muskrat.
Artificer: Is that all?
DM: Seaweed.
Artificer: Oh, I grab some seaweed for a component for potions. What kind of fish am I looking at?
DM: A red herring.
Artificer: What?!
DM: For the love of God why are you so afraid of and obsessed with this pond!
Druid: Because you were mean to us last week!