I love the Dungeon Contest’s one-page dungeons, where you can see the entire dungeon and its contents at a glance. Especially those dungeons that get beyond the fixed narrative structure of five-room dungeons. My own attempt for the Dungeon Contest was thematic but probably unoriginal, though it did lead to three great sessions in my last campaign and the rise of a new Big Bad Evil Gal (you can download Catacombs of the Lich Queen here).

So I was disappointed when I ran Hex Describe for the first time and realized it lacked any single-page dungeons in its hexes. I suggested something quite simple, providing five bullets built from three types of rooms (entrance, interior, final):

  • Natural cavern
  • Mushroom farm
  • Kitchen
  • Guardroom
  • Throne room

Well Ktrey Parker ran with it, adding themes and adapting his tables, and Alex Schroeder built a dungeon-map generator, and together we iterated and iterated, ending up here:

Check it out! You can generate your own random dungeons, varying in size from 5 to 14 rooms. And, if you’d like to improve the generator, we’re always looking for additional authors to add to our tables.

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