I’ve compiled and updated all of my blog posts on preparation techniques for Game Masters into a free 86-page ebook. Key content:

  • GM Principles & Moves
  • World-Building
  • Kicking Off a Campaign
  • Campaign Prep
  • Structuring Sessions
  • General Session Prep
  • Different Genres of Sessions

This advice comes from my own experience with 5e, O5R, and PbtA games, so it spans a range of systems, albeit with a focus on fantasy worlds.

In addition, I’ve licensed the text under the Creative Commons, so that you can freely adapt any of this material for your own RPG projects, simply by following the CC BY-SA 4.0 licensing terms.

You can download the ebook from Itch.io. You can also suggest edits in the Google Doc.

For the cover, I commissioned Lady Sapling, who did a phenomenal job capturing and improving on my vision. Check out her portfolio!