Dungeon World helped popularize Powered by the Apocalypse games by capitalizing on players’ familiarity with Dungeons & Dragons. Enough so that it is sometimes used as a reference point by gamers who ask, “Can you recommend a game like Dungeon World but…?” Here are some common answers.

Next-Generation Fantasy PbtA


For a comparison of the more popular systems, see Table Comparing Dungeon World to 5 Hacks.

DW-related PbtA RPG book covers

Other Styles of Play

  • If you’d like to play “solitaire Dungeon World”, try Calypso (supplement) or Ironsworn.
  • If you’d like to play power politics a la Game of Thrones in DW, try The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power.
  • If you’d like to play a Dungeon-World-style one-shot, try One Shot World.*
  • If you’d like to play Dungeon World with young children, try Dungeons RPG.*
  • If you’d like to play a Dungeon-World-adjacent game where characters all start with the same playbook and add abilities through the fiction, try my Hard-Knock World.

Other Settings

  • If you’d like to play a Dungeon-World-inspired game about protecting and growing your Iron Age village, try Stonetop.*
  • If you’d like to play a grimdark Dungeon World, try Grim World (supplement).
  • If you’d like to play as pirates, try Rapscallion.
  • If you’d like to play a Dungeon-World-inspired game in the world of Earthdawn, try Fourth World.*
  • If you’d like to play a Dungeon World game in the modern world, try Urban/Modern/Fantasy.*
  • If you’d like to play “Dungeon World … IN SPACE,” try Adventures on Dungeon Planet.*

Other PbtA Games

Thanks to the Dungeon World Discord community for the many suggestions over the years. Check out the Apocalypse World site for even more suggestions.

*Started as a Dungeon World hack.

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