I researched a lot of PbtA and FitD science-fiction games before selecting Impulse Drive. For my group, the game provides the Firefly/Expanse-style heroics we were looking for, with enough of a framework to encourage the narrative without so much complexity that it bogs down play. Our group just shifted from playing every other week to playing every week, because they couldn’t get enough!

When I first started reading Impulse Drive, I searched the web for something like the Dungeon World Syllabus, a collection of invaluable links for GMs. Not finding one, I decided to compile one, going back through the posts here and through the other sites I have found useful— Impulse Drive RPG Syllabus.

Please feel free to comment and suggest other links to add.

There are also two documents linked from it that are sparse or empty, if you want to contribute to them:

Note that a section of the syllabus covers science fiction RPGs in general, so even if you don’t play Impulse Drive, you might find this useful.