If I’ve blocked you on Twitter, it’s not about you, but about Twitter’s UI.

Maybe you’re a huge fan of Funko Pops and the people I follow like your tweets about those, so I keep seeing them. And keep seeing them. And keep seeing them. If I mute you, then you can talk to me and the people I follow without my being able to see those conversations. So I have to block you instead if I want to control my feed. And I believe I should be able to control my feed.

I tried muting “Funko” but man there are a lot of other words people use and a lot of Funko Pops. And don’t even remind me of the time Twitter changed their mute-words UI and started showing me my friends talking about Funko Pops.

I’m glad you like Funko Pops. Enjoy!

It’s just not what I want to read about. Nothing personal.

Image credit: Xander Brown, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution / Share Alike terms.